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[5steem Event] Free Automatic Mining Coins TIME FARM, PocketFi - Automatically mine every 6 hours with the click of a button


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steemit only event~!

Resteem this post and start mining with post link to get 5 steem!
Please post a screenshot of your app in the comments!


Telegram's TONcoin has grown to become the 10th largest cryptocurrency market capitalization in the world. The growth of mini-apps running on top of Telegram has been tremendous lately. Following NOT, which reached the 50th largest market capitalization within two weeks of its release, cryptocurrency apps are emerging in various ways. Among them, I will introduce apps that allow you to start the app and press the harvest button every few hours without having to do anything else. I have selected projects that are not only comfortable to mine, but also have a high potential for future growth.

Time Farm is a Telegram mini-app created by, an Australian blockchain company that has raised over $30 million in funding. has already built a diverse ecosystem with its own coin, TIME, and has announced the launch of its SECOND token, TGE, through this mini-app.

Get started with Time Farm :

  • How to mine: Tap the earn button once every 4 hours (double point mining for the first 10 days)
  • Tasks: Perform simple missions such as following people on Twitter, entering the Telegram app, etc.
  • Invites: Invite friends and share their rewards with them


PocketFi is a Telegram-based mini-app that is a cross-chain DeFi app that offers cross-chain token transfers, sniffing, copytrading, and more. To attract early users, PocketFi announced that it will airdrop Switch, a DAO token, to app users. Switch will be used as PocketFi's utility token in the future.

Get started with PocketFi now:

  • How to mine: Press the Earn button once every 6 hours
  • Boost : You can boost your mining speed by performing various tasks (personally, I only recommend subscribing to Telegram channels, swapping TON network or arbitrum network).
  • Invites: Invite friends and share their rewards with them


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