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I wait patiently to get marigold flower seeds


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After several weeks of caring for and watering marigold flowers, I finally saw the results I had been waiting for, beautiful marigold flowers started to bloom and added bright color to my home garden, but my main goal this time was to get seeds, because you could say they were plants. Many marigolds have died because of the summer heat some time ago.

Once the marigolds have fully bloomed, it is very important to let the flowers dry in place, this process can take several weeks, so patience is needed, during this period the marigold flowers will wilt slowly and turn brown, this is a sign that the seeds inside the flower is ripe.

when the flowers were completely dry I started picking them and separating the seeds very carefully, the marigold seeds were small and dark in color so I had to focus and be careful so that the marigold seeds didn't fall and get lost, it was a shame because I had to wait for one more weeks, after that I will store the marigold seeds in a cool and dry place first before I start sowing the seeds, and I will start sowing the seeds at the next full moon, this is just a matter of belief, we really believe that the flowers will be large and beautiful if Seed sowing is done on a full moon night.

This process does require time and patience, but it is very satisfying to see the life cycle of a plant from the beginning to producing new flower seeds. Waiting for marigold flowers to get seeds is an experience that teaches patience and respect for nature.

Are you curious as to how I wait for marigold seeds? now let's go to see the changes in flowers day by day until I get the marigold seeds.











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