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TEST….Test….test! 😇
They say it’s best to always “Test” the waters!😇
“ Silvertop, you know it’s going to rain today! “ 🥰
Rain…really……Silvertop has been enjoying the beautiful sunny weather this last week!😎
PEPE tagged along on today’s hike, he wasn’t worried about a little rain!
At the ridge top I found him standing on top of this outdoor wood stove!
“ Feels Good Man! “ 🐸
This little frog definitely hasn’t heard the parable of the boiling frog!🙄
The way the saying goes, is a frog will jump in a tepid pot of water, and won’t notice the gradual increase in water temperature until it’s too late!😳
“ Dat not a good thing Silbertop! “ ☹️
“ No PEPE that’s definitely not a good thing! “
This can happen with many aspects of life………..
Like when PEPE stays out in the sun way too long without his “green sunblock”, before you notice, he will have fried frog legs! 😬
“ Silbertop, what da mean fried PEPE legs? “🐸
“ I’ll explain that some other time my green friend..…..” 😇
It’s also the same our Crypto……
It seems the further we advance towards mainstream adoption, the attacks on digital assets intensifies!😮
No one wants Crypto to be the frog in the boiling pot,gradually boiled away, bit by bit, by the powers that be………🙄
Keep stacking those Sat’s, and Precious Metals, and PEPE and Silvertop will keep hiking!😊
“ PEPE tell Silvertop you DID bring your sunblock! “ 😎
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike….and PEPE 🐸


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