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" RIDERS ON THE STORM! " 😅..........................NORTHWEST ADVENTURES! 😀

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29 days ago2 min read

“ Riders on the Storm! “ 😅
“ A big storm is coming Silvertop ! “ 😳
I knew the Mrs wasn’t hiking in this kind of weather!😮
This translated into a shopping day….🙄
The alarm hadn’t even gone off, it was only 5:35 AM, and I knew that if I was going to do any Crypto trading today, now was the time, before we hit the road shopping!😇
Cot snuggled up next to Dad by the computer, as I pulled the trigger on a Bitcoin buy!😻
He blinked at Dad, as if to say…….
“ Keep stacking those Sat’s Dad, I’m going to need LOTS of catnip in my retirement Lol! “ 😺
“ Score Cot, I’ll send the BTC to YOUR Trezor! “ 🤗
“ Silvertop what time is it? “
I closed the laptop, and crawled back into bed with Cot, and Liz.🥰
By the time we hit the road to town, the skies were dark!
T-shirt weather …………..
I slipped on a sweatshirt, I knew how quickly the temperature, and the weather can change this time of year!
When we pulled into Costco‘s parking lot, the sun was shining!😎
Really guys, all these photos were taken today!😇
It was almost 70 degrees Fahrenheit in town!
As we headed back towards the mountains and home, we were heading into dark clouds and rain again!
I opened the car door back home and started unloading groceries……..
I could see my breath, 🥶 but we were home……………………in the Mountains!🤗
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊


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