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Looking for the silver lining!☺️
“ Silbertop dis da Gold Mine trail, not da Silber trail! “ 🐸
My little green friend was very excited to be hiking with Silvertop to the Gold Mine today!
I told him to pace himself, the start of the trail is a long uphill climb!
By the time we got to the fence post in the second photo PEPE wanted to ride in Silvertop’s backpack, little webbed feet are not meant for long hikes Lol!😅
Today was forecast 80% chance of rain, so a turnaround in the weather was definitely the “Silver Lining” for today!🤗
The Bears are coming out of hibernation, and we found this “Bear Spray” canister discarded along the trail!
“ Silbertop what dis a Bear? “🐸
“ Nothing you want to run into in the trail Pepe! “ 😳
I knew we weren’t going to hike very far today, I was hoping to make it to Hayden creek.
Suddenly PEPE jumped out of Silvertop’s backpack!😳
“ Silbertop come quick, dis Hayden pond is leaking bad, help PEPE stop water runaway! “ 🐸
“ Little frog let me explain what a creek is on our hike back downhill, then I’ll explain all about Bears as well! “ 😇
Enjoy the weekend everyone, till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊


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