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The Market is down


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I was looking at the market today in last 7 days window and everything is looking to be in red color which means things are down but the question is is it going to be the long term or is it just a short term market fluctuation. Obviously it is hard to predict how things are going to happen in the market but because nobody can do that but if we look at the overall sentiments then I can say that it is temporary since things in the market are not bearish anymore.



The short term can be a couple of weeks or months but I don't think it is going to be far more than that and I highly believe that it is a matter of weeks instead of months so there is nothing to worry about and keep on accumulating whatever you can during this time. You never know what investment can be more profitable for you in such scenarios when some whales try to manipulate the market to take out the weak hands which I think is a good time for people like us to enter and invest on certain projects.



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