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to start mining PNUT through the TSTEEM deposit, it is a new era of capital saving in Steem community


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As we know, converting STEEM to STEEM POWER will not only have the right to upvote, vote for witness & DAO proposals, but we can also share the 15% of STEEM added every year. If the amount of STEEM you hold remains unchanged while the STEEM in the system continues to increase, your STEEM may depreciate due to inflation.

After traditional banks attracting depositors to save their money, they will lend out part of the funds to earn income and pay for the interests of the depositors. Banks use reserves to deal with daily exchanges. The legal reserve ratio of large Chinese financial institutions is 18.5% and the average reserve ratio of the United States is about 2%. The setting of the deposit reserve ratio not only solves the daily redemption problem of depositors, but it also allows financial institutions to manage assets for depositors in a better way, which will lead to appreciation.

Deposit TSTEEM to mine PNUT is a similar product. The reserve ratio is as high as 90% and this investment is to obtain income steadily by delegating SP.

The logic of deposit TSTEEM to mine PNUT is as follows:


90% of the reserve ratio ensures that users can retrieve TSTEEM from the pool at any time and convert it into STEEM with a ratio of 1:1 across the chain. 10% of steem will be delegated to nutbox.mine and 10% of the income from PNUT is transferred to TSTEEM risk fund account to deal with the run risk. 90% of the revenue from PNUT will be distributed to the users that use TSTEEM to mine PNUT. At present, the annualized rate of return is 5.4% - 18%.

Deposit TSTEEM to mine PNUT can help you to make a profit with your idled STEEM in your account. Actions speak louder than words. Follow these steps to get involved.

1.Enter in Chrome or Firefox and sign in to your Steem and Tron accounts using Steem Keychain and Tronlink wallets.


2.Go to the wallet page, tap cross-chain transfer, enter the number of STEEM and convert it to TSTEEM in the ratio of 1:1.


3.Enter the staking mining page to authorize the TSTEEM STAKE mining contract.


4.Tap Stake, enter the number of TSTEEM in the pop-up window and then tap confirm.



5.Start mining PNUT and enjoy the benefits.


We will further optimize the product to make your experience better.

我们知道将STEEM转换成STEEM POWER,不仅可以拥有点赞权、见证人&DAO提案投票权,还将分享每年新增的15%STEEM。如果您持有的STEEM数量不变,系统中STEEM不断增多,您持有的STEEM将可能因为通货膨胀而贬值。




90%的准备金率保证了用户可随时将TSTEEM从池子里取回,并跨链1:1兑换成STEEM。10%的STEEM将代理给nutbox.mine,获得PNUT收益的10%进入到TSTEEM风险基金账户,以应对挤兑风险。PNUT收益的90%将分发给 存TSTEEM挖PNUT的用户,目前其年化收益率在5.4%-18%。


一、Chrome或Firefox浏览器中输入 ,使用Steem Keychain和Tronlink钱包,登录您的Steem和Tron账户。


三、进入质押挖矿页面,对TSTEEM STAKE矿池合约进行授权。





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