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Super League will not become a reality

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3 years ago2 min read

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According to Michael Laudrup's best belief, the 12 clubs involved in the Super League tournament are using pressure on UEFA. Furthermore, Laudrup has a hard time seeing how the 12 breakaway clubs intend to make the Super League a reality. He elaborates to TV2 Sport:

In my opinion, this is about power and money. Nothing else. And I think you have to take it as if the big clubs are giving UEFA the knife to the throat. They want more influence and more money.

The same day that the news of the Super League broke out was also the day when UEFA launched their new Champions League format. The new structure means, among other things, that from 2024 there will be more teams in the tournament. All other things being equal, this means that several teams will have to share the large pool of money when these are to be distributed among the participating teams.

Among other things, this may be one of the reasons why the 12 clubs want to form their own league. Here, there may be an opportunity for revenue to increase significantly, but Michael Laudrup does not believe that it will end up becoming a reality.

UEFA and FIFA's threats of sanctions seem clear, the national leagues are also highly critical, and then several big names have been sharp. and no doubt that sympathy worldwide is not part of the idea, says Laudrup to TV 2 Sport.


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