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Pepe! What Big Eyes You Have!............. NW Cascade Wanderings

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Pepe Frog does get around! I found him lounging on my windowsill up in my computer loft! I have to wonder what is making his eye so big! 🐸

Perhaps it’s due to the market. Things have been up and down but if you look at the big picture, ETH pepe token has some good stuff going on! Ranked 24th of all crypto; up 17.8% for the week; up 90.5% for the month-and wait for it…….up a whopping 565% for the year! Plus there is a Frog Battle Card game in beta testing! Nice! I am sure this is one to watch in the upcoming months! 🐸🐸🐸

FINALLY-we have a dedicated fax line at work! When I first came to the clinic, one phone line was shared by voice, fax and credit card machine! If you happen to be in the middle of running a patient’s credit card, an incoming phone call created a disaster as it would disrupt the process. Or, if you had to wait for the phone line to run a card, sometimes that wait could be 5 minutes or more, inconveniencing the patient! Then, add needing to fax or better yet, receiving a 12 page fax and unable to use the phone-it was frustrating to say the least!

About 2+ years ago, I moved us into a credit card machine that uses the internet instead. So finally today, I got us moved to a second phone line which also can double as a voice call line should the main line be occupied! Even better! I’m pleased we finally got up to speed with what might should have been done years ago! 😎

Here’s a nice sunny afternoon picture I took after I got home from work.

Here’s a nice 6 year old out and about.

Then, I used the Artist.AI DEV app, for a couple of fantasy versions that don’t look like snails at all!

So then, I took another picture of Cot…..

…..which then became…..

So far, there has been no cost to use the app. There has only been one thing I’ve tried to access and couldn’t unless I upgrade. I’m still holding out for now. 😁

That’s gonna be it for today. Tomorrow is Friday! Yippee!!🤠 Take care and enjoy your evening! 🙏🙏🇮🇱🇺🇦



Picture taken by me and altered by cliptocomic app

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