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I have nothing to do to watch the video, and I got the commentary of an older American drama. The inhabitants are the Tudors. Although there are also in the country. Historical dramas such as the Yongzheng Dynasty of the Western Dynasty. But compared with historical dramas in Europe and the United States, it is still. In the mouth there is a big difference in style. The many dynasties are a very unique part of British history. Before him, Britain experienced a brutal civil war. Historically known as the War of the Roses. The original book of the famous American drama Game of Thrones. Much of the history was inspired by the Wars of the Roses. Also during the Tudor rule of England. It coincided with the era of the transition from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance in Europe. And after many dynasties, Britain gradually entered the modern capitalist society, so this is a period. Connecting the past and the next, a historical period of great significance.
However, although the TV series is called Tudor, it is actually only focused. One of the kings of this dynasty was Henry Bus. The most talked-about incident from your dad is that he has been divorced several times. He also guillotined one of the queens. Because of the monarchs of European countries at that time. Nominally Catholic. The doctrine of Catholicism is advocated as monogamy. So it is impossible for the king to divorce. 1st reign of Henry VIII. Later it was the princess of Spain. Spain at that time. It is the hegemon of the sea, Britain, as a late star is only. Just a little brother. So at the beginning, the queen of Starbucks was also respectful, respectful, and showed a lot of affection outside. But. Since the Spanish princess did not give birth to a male heir to him. He began to distance himself from the other party, and with the minister's daughter, Anne Boleyn, like. And then the deliberate waste is carried back, and it is not hesitated to do so. The papacy rupture. In this way, the English Reformation began.

Historical dramas such as a certain dynasty in China generally focus on the governance of the emperor and the intrigues of officialdom. Struggle. The private life of the emperor is either very little thought about, or it is very idealistic. Not real enough. And European and American TV dramas are unabashedly performant. These historical figures. of desire. More. Plus embodies theirs. The human side. Fry the protagonist of this play, Henry VIII. Not a favorite or respected character. He has been married several times in 60 years, and he can be said to be a ruthless person. There are even many historians who believe that he was a psychopath, suffering from psychosis of an antisocial personality. Although a doctor cannot, and not yet, he can diagnose a patient by sending a patient to meet and describe it, but these arguments are still very interesting.


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