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Crepe-myrtle Flower Photography || 10% to @beautycreativity


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Beauty of creativity

Assalamualaikum.Hello everyone, how are you all? I am fine. Today is the day of showing something different. In this day I want to show you some of my beautiful photography of flowers.


Hello friends. Today I am going to share with you photography of some beautiful flower. This flower is called as Crepe-myrtle. I hope you all like it.

Many people may not have seen the flower photography that I will share with you today. I also took many pictures of this flower as I saw it for the first time. So that you can see this new flower. I hope you will like the photographs that I am going to share with you today. You will be more than impressed by this.



This flower looks much more beautiful as it is completely white in color. Also, the petals it had were completely different and its structure was also completely different. The flower looked much more beautiful when it was positioned by this different structure. Besides, there was no way but to be fascinated by the beauty of this flower.



The petals that these flowers had were quite different and when they were placed in a flower, the beauty of the flower increased to a great extent. When these different petals stay in this flower, the surrounding beauty increases to a great extent and the morning is mesmerized by this beauty. When it was located in the tree, many flowers were located together, so this flower looked much more beautiful.



Since flowers are a symbol of all good, everyone should love flowers. And without the love of this extraordinary, unique flower, no human mind will be calm. So, everyone should love this flower.

I hope you like these pictures today. Please comment how it felt. Everyone will be good and healthy. I finished here today. Later I will appear with some more photography. Thank you all.

No more today Take care of yourself and your family. Thanks in advance for watching my post.

Photos captured by@bijoy1
Camera DeviceSamsung Galaxy A13

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I am Abdullah Al Saimoon from Bangladesh. My nickname is BIJOY. I am a student. I am the regular user and post maker in this platform. I love share my regular activities in this platform. I am a resident of Daganbhuiyan upazila of Feni district. Search me on Google This is my Steemit account. This are my social media account YouTube , Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram . I am now 16 years old . I am in class 10 now. I am ethnically Muslim. I am Muslim. I am a biker and a bike lover. I've been riding bikes many times. I went out in many places with bike.

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