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It's nice to see the weather getting better and on some days not so cold. I have at least 3 pieces prepared for later in the year, they are specifically for the spooky season. I missed out on posting these last time when in season because I got busy, but more importantly I couldn't find where I placed them lol.. and so will post them next time. Been posting more frequently on here and it's been fun. I worked on getting some camera testing done, the idea was to find more potential and improve shot quality in certain instances. This is so I'm able to work with images better. After having done some initial tests the results were not much of a improvement. This means potentially the only solution will be a new camera in future, but at least on the way I did find some new techniques. The path forwards for the business continues clouded in some areas, but this is mostly only if thinking about going forwards with it, pushing it to up the next step, because as for staying where we are now I think it's already been proven evergreen. It just doesn't pay very well, or at least not for the moment, ideally going a stage further would also be more fun, but I don't see that happening anytime soon either.

Today I share this work by me.


The disrespectful humans left him so angry, trapped and emasculated to the point he wanted to warn them.. that he would take this powerful anger and use it on their goddess daughter, she was innocent of any crimes of course, but he wanted the humans who done wrong to feel some kind of revenge had been placed upon them.


Work Storage- Completed And Very Happy
Camera Set To Hold At-17-


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