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Wildlife on silver: My encounter with the majestic 2015 Congo Silverback Gorilla 1oz silver coin...


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I was having a rummage through a box of old silver i keep under the bed..... yeah, yeah, I know I shouldnt keep itnin a safer place, butni do like to keep coins laying around the house so the kids can play with them and enjoy them myself.

Back in my early days of "stacking", before I had decided to stack for weight, rather than aesthetically pleasing coins, my purchases were wide and varied. I managed to pick up several different designs and, as it turns out, a lot of them are animal based.....


Whilst I may be getting on in years now, my memory is still pretty sharp, and i can still remember every purchase ive made throughout the years. I may not remember the exact dates and dealer/seller, but i do remember picling up this 2015, silverback gorilla.


What struck me most about the coin was its breathtaking design. On the obverse side, the imposing figure of a silverback gorilla stood proudly, its powerful physique and intelligent gaze evoking a sense of awe and reverence. Behind the gorilla, a lush jungle scene unfolded, complete with towering trees and lush foliage, offering a glimpse into the gorilla's natural habitat.


On the reverse side, the coin featured the emblem of the Republic of Congo, along with its denomination and year of issue. While simple in comparison to the intricate design on the obverse, the reverse served as a reminder of the coin's official status as legal tender and its connection to the nation of Congo.


It was a typical afternoon of browsing through coin listings online when I stumbled upon an image that instantly captivated me. There, gleaming in all its glory, was the image of a majestic silverback gorilla, rendered in exquisite detail on a coin minted by the Scottsdale mint. As someone with a deep appreciation for wildlife and the natural world, I was immediately drawn to this stunning piece of numismatic art.

The year 2015 hold specific significance too, the year my first born came in to the world. Youll find that a lot of the early coins in my collection are dated 2015.... I wanted to be able to pass a lot of these on to him, and im sure he will thank me for it in the years to come.


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