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Journey to the Jurassic: Exploring the Royal Mint's latest Dinosaur coin release...

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Celebrate some of the most legendary dinosaurs to roam the Earth with this new three-coin collection featuring designs dedicated to Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus and Diplodocus, exclusively from the ROYAL MINT...

The second coin released in the series sees the iconic Stegosaurus, with its distinctive appearance and immense proportions, stand out as one of the most renowned and easily recognisable dinosaurs in history. Yet, it continues to intrigue as one of the most mysterious creatures of the ancient world.


Embark on a journey through time with the latest addition to The Royal Mint's Dinosaur UK 50p coin series. Transporting those collectors willing to shell out £71($90USD), for 8g of silver, to a prehistoric realm, the newest release showcases the majestic Stegosaurus in stunning detail. Utilising innovative selective colour printing techniques, wjich in my opion does.make this coin "pop" and hold some ascetic value, the Stegosaurus comes to life on this exquisite coin. Limited to just 5,000 coins worldwide, anticipation for this numismatic treasure is bound to surpass availability, especially if you were already stupid enough to buy the first in the 3 coin set!!

Crafted from Sterling Silver(925, not even 999), and boasting a flawless Proof Finish, this coin is a testament to The Royal Mint's commitment to quality. Collectors will be captivated by the mirror-like brilliance of the Proof coins, making them prized additions to any collection. Renowned paleo-artist Robert Nicholl's mesmerising Stegosaurus design, in collaboration with the esteemed Natural History Museum, ensures that this coin is not only a collector's item but also a piece of artistry that celebrates the wonders of Earth's distant past.



  • Despite its imposing size, Stegosaurus possessed a brain roughly the size of a plum, suggesting modest cognitive abilities.

  • The demise of Stegosaurus remains shrouded in mystery, as no significant extinction event is recorded during the Late Jurassic period.

  • In contrast to popular assumptions, Stegosaurus did not inhabit the same era as Tyrannosaurus or Triceratops, having gone extinct some 80 million years prior to their existence.

  • Stegosaurus is a member of the stegosaur group, characterized by large herbivores sporting two rows of bony plates or spikes along their backs.

  • Despite various hypotheses, the purpose of these plates remains elusive, with suggestions ranging from regulating body temperature to attracting mates through display.

  • While subsequent stegosaur discoveries have emerged from fossil-rich regions like the Rocky Mountains, the initial find occurred in Swindon in 1874.

  • The term "Stegosaurus" translates to "roof lizard."

  • Initially thought to lay flat as defensive armor, Stegosaurus' back plates were later discovered to stand upright in multiple specimens.

  • With notably shorter front legs compared to their hind counterparts, Stegosaurus exhibited a leisurely pace, topping out at just 4 miles per hour.

  • Equipped with diminutive teeth, Stegosaurus excelled at slicing through vegetation and plant matter.


So will they sell all 5000? My guess would be most definitely! Will I be one of the fools with deep enough pockets going to buy one?? I dont think so.....


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