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What’s a slush fund?

Recently, we found out if you sign an agreement that lets somebody claim the money you owe for a banking debt agreement they can claim the debt from your friends and family if you owe them a debt of $200 they can hire their friends and family to work in an office and phone you all day to try to reclaim the debt

They then proceeded to pay their friends and family a wage based on how much it cost them to try and reclaim this debt

Ever been called six weeks in a row to be threatened for some debt in the amount of $500 after receiving an unsolicited credit offer?

I have…


They can rob your future kids

If you think this sounds absurd, it’s not a absurd as it sounds

For examples, somebody could use a platform like Facebook to identify all of your known-family members

This includes people who have no idea you’re in debt
And if they deemed that your family is for whatever reason dangerous, like, for example they have private security agents

They can omit telling you that they’re going to reclaim the debt by doing something like this…

They can proceeded to take the debt from you in a number of ways

For example, they can insert objects into your bodies, stimulating you with pain

And letting you receive the antidote in some product like a pharmaceutical drug or a cigarette

Collecting taxes as they cigarettes
The cigarette offers a deathly venom
To make you weak, and as long as you keep paying to consume more cigarettes, the antidote is offered in the same stroke in the next puff

But what’s a slush fund?

Somebody can take your family as prisoner
If they commit a crime like smoking a cigarette
In some countries, smoking, a cigarette is considered a felony punishable by death

They can then proceed to go ahead and use force against your family, which includes incessant beatings

Ever heard when the lottery is over $1 billion

Now everybody is rushing to buy a lottery ticket for one dollar

Wonder how they claim those billions?

That means 2 billion people took a dollar out of their pocket and somebody put $2 billion in somebody else’s pocket

That’s a slush fund


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