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SEC-S17 /W6| "🌸What do you prefer to do in your leisure time?"


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Hello Everyone!
I hope you are doing well...


I'm pleased to take part in the contest organized by the Steem for Pakistan community. It's an exciting topic at the end of SEC-S17. I love doing many things during my leisure time, but finding leisure time is quite challenging as a mom of a toddler. However, I find some time for myself to do things that I love. Sometimes, I would even sacrifice a few hours of sleep to spend some time leisurely. I feel this leisure time refreshes my mind and energizes me.

We all need leisure time to spend with our loved ones or indulge in something that we love doing. Monotonous life schedules lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. We should always make sure to take care of ourselves while carrying out all other daily responsibilities.

🌸 Reading a book or listening to music?

I prefer both. Both activities give me immense happiness. I often read personal development and romance books. I believe they help me a lot to refresh my mind and find a new version of me. They give me something beyond my thinking, and I believe they help me a lot to add something positive to my life.


Listening to music is something that I love doing during my leisure time. Not just the audio, I also love watching the beautiful interpretation of music videos. Sometimes, just like the lyrics the music video is so inspiring and gives a different depth to the song. I love enjoying it leisurely. I'm interested in mind-calming classical songs. Music is like therapy for the mind and body. I usually end my day listening to my favorite songs.

🌸 Social media, using Instagram or Facebook?

I have lost interest in Facebook; I really love to be on Instagram. The content shared on Instagram is more fascinating and inspiring. It is more updated than Facebook and easy to connect with anyone around the world. I also love upgrading my own profile using different Insta-friendly pics and creating patterns.


I also love scrolling through the feed and stories. Through Instagram, I can easily go through everything that I love, like the updates of my favorite products, and I can even place orders easily. I also enjoy the content of my favorite influencers and their updates on lifestyle.

🌸 A movie Night with friends or family?why?

I would love a movie night with my family. Spending time with family is the most precious time that I get to spend. Enjoying a movie with them is a fun activity to do. Since we haven't had a movie night with family for a long time, I would love to gather all of my family for a movie night. I believe it will help us make our meetups more exciting and joyful.


🌸 Keeping a pet at home, Cat or Dog? Tell us the reason. OR If you prefer to spend time in the lap of nature and planting ☘️, then let us know?

I always loved having pets at home. I enjoyed cuddling with my cat and spending my leisure time petting my furry friend. Unfortunately, one morning I lost my cat all of a sudden. We had no idea what had happened to our pet, and I had to get vaccinated for Rabies while I was six months pregnant. That was a horrible experience, having a pet at home and getting scratched the day before he got lost. Afterward, I strictly avoided having pets at home. But I still love animals, and I do take care of them by providing food and shelter. However, I will never have a pet at home again.


I would rather spend my time with nature, enjoying some fresh air and stunning views. It feels so much better and is a great way to skip our busy schedules.

I hope you find my participation interesting... I invite my dear friend @asiahaiss @kyrie1234 and @nanidi.

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