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Application for the community curators for June 2024 | Hope For the Best 🌟


29 days agoSteemit3 min read
Hi, Warmly Welcome to All Applicants For the June Curation 2024


We all appreciate the good initiative to bring change in the curation opportunities. That's the golden chance for all the dedicated and hardworking Steemians who have 5K SP to on words apply and groom thier blogging career and to play thier crucial role for the growth of Steemit as well. Here's with three different Active Steemians are willing to apply Curation for June in a team. Hopefully our Application will be considered meaningful to serve our services for the development of Steemit platform respectively.

Have a look to our Team
Combined Steem Power all of them is 5,553+29,083+17,501= 52,137

Here are the Steemians belong to different countries , different communities and thier SP sum up is more then 45000 SP which meets the criteria to apply and confidently willing to work within a team for June curation 2024

Here is the shorty detail of each Steemian's history and present work out on Steemit.


My relationship with this platform started on 2021-04-25. I have been working in this platform for three years. Currently I am increasing my skills and currently I am serving as a moderator of Steem for Bangladesh community. Besides, I am serving as moderator of Steem Fashion&Style Community. This is the first time I have had the opportunity to apply to curator team. I have grasped the platform with my skills and experience and now it is my professional. I want to move forward with this platform.If I am a curator, I must follow the rules.


My history on Steem started on 21st September 2020. Since joining Steem, I've actively shared quality posts, participated in contests, and contributed to the platform's growth through promotions, recruitment, mentoring, and support with upvotes and comments.Promoting Steemit has always been my goal.As a Steemit city coordinator in Abakaliki, I promoted the platform in three communities and have experience as a moderator and community curator. Currently, I upvote quality posts daily.Currently, I am working with team 5 using the SC08 account to support quality post.


I signed up for the Steemit platform in June of 2021. From the first day , I have promised my self to work with consistency and work hard to build my reputation on Steemit and develop professional relations with Steemians through engagement and delegations. Now , I am Moderator of three well known communities and also experienced Curation Team of April. Now , with confidently want to work within an team to continue my services on Steemit as a curator.

Delegations & Key Status







End Notes with Hope of the Best

We are all experienced and in charge of various community moderators. Of course we will try to support quality full posts and posts with high engagement. Above all, we will limit our actions within the rules of the platform. By utilizing our skills and experience we will lead our work towards success. Of course we believe in honesty and integrity. Hopefully the steemit team will give us a chance to become a creator.

Kind Regards 💐



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