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What to look for when trying to find an upcoming gem?


2 months ago3 min read

Would you like to discover a crypto gem that is about to take off? Would you like to discover a gem before it has been discovered by the influencers and before the price has increased 10x? Don't you want to buy a token after sale, only to discover that some special investors and influencers were given ultra cheap token to advertise the project, only to dump the tokens with a 10x-20x profit to the rest of us immediately after sale?

That is one of the goals of Jade Protocol and the Fair Launch Foundation, but that is not what I wanted this article to be about. Rather, I would like to share some thoughts on how you can find and discover upcoming gems before the big crowds have done so.

How to discover a gem?

First of all, a gem is based on a need or a hype. If there is no hype around it, or if there is no need for it, then you can forget about it. Of course, if it promises lots of money in return for nothing, then it might succeed, simply because investors are greedy and they are willing to invest in anything that will give them quick profit, like SHIB, RING Financial, and many others.

But, in these days, Metaverse products are extremely popular. So are all the OHM forks, and the list could go on.

But, how can you understand which one to invest in and where to keep your distance? That is a much harder question, and I would first of all look into something like the team behind a project.

It is hard to build an awesome product without a team of experienced developers. If you want to construct a metaverse, you need money and developers, and you do not get that out of nowhere. Look for a team. If you are looking for a financial/Defi protocol, once again, look for the team. If you find experienced personnel or big names from other crypto companies or tech companies, they are way more likely to get discovered, and if you have famous people giving their names to a project, they will also work harder to see it through to the end (and not bail out or rug).

Actually, I find this to be the most important of all, at least if you think long term projects that will succeed.

Also, it can be wise to look at the projects launching through Binance. These are all well checked, KYCd, and these are projects you can trust. As a result, there is actually quite a big potential found here. Do you remember that Axie Infinity launched on Binance, and see how that story has kept on growing?

That might actually be a good idea.

What do you think? How do you spot gems?


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