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17th May 2024



The Challenge of Finding Relaxation in a Non-Stop World

written by @whitelightxpress

How often do we get a chance to just ”retreat?” To completely shut down the roaring chaos of our brains and totally decompress? We live these extraordinarily busy and hectic lives, with many people actually working two jobs to make ends meet, and it seems like we hardly ever get to take breaks.



Mission 15 - Turning a power line into an insect highway

written by @planetwild

We all know about these not-so-pretty high-voltage lines, but we need them. In Germany there are always discussions about building new lines, but there is another solution... just turn off all your electric devices (including your cell phone, of course). Humans have destroyed and fragmented natural habitats all over the world, to expand infrastructure and connect cities through power lines. This fragmentation significantly reduces the space plants and animals need to thrive. But the vast stretches of unused land beneath power lines could be a promising opportunity for rewilding.



Travel stories: "Learning" to surf on the wrong beach in Bali

written by @trip-hop

It took me a long time to get there but I now love surfing. Depending on where I am going to I will often take advantage of the "sports equipment" baggage fee that is a standard rate regardless of how much it weighs. It's one of the few reasonable fees that airlines have and I have to presume this is because all the people who run the world play golf.



The Grand Finale - Reaching Everest Base Camp

written by @nainaztengra

This is an experience of a . I cannot even express the emotions I felt on reaching there. It was so extremely overwhelming. Yesterday I wrote about how my days 7, 8 and 9 passed, but when I reached the top, I was so overjoyed that none of it mattered. In that moment all the pain was gone. All that I was feeling was joy and pride for myself. I was also feeling extremely grateful to the Universe to bring this whole experience to me. Today when I am sitting and writing this blog at my home and remembering these moments, I know they will never come back in my life again and I feel that every single experience has been a part of my self-growth and development. Even if I do this trek again, I may not have the same feeling, because the first is always the first and very special.



Guess Who Turned into a Dolphin Today?

written by @soulfuldreamer

Ok, this is the third time I've rewritten this first paragraph. I know, I know - you don’t want to be bored with another dolphin post. But just hang on for a few seconds, because this is a big milestone for me. When I joined the platform, I was totally baffled by the whole club system. I read up on it, got some guidance, and soon learned about Club 100, Club 75, and Club 50. I've been a member of all of them, and now I've landed in Club 50. Then, I stumbled upon the Club Dolphin posts.


Hope you enjoyed today's content selections!

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