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16th May 2024



News about our fundraiser for Uganda! - Neuigkeiten unserer Spendenaktion für Uganda! (216)

written by @elkezaksek

❤️❤️❤️ These are the 5 children in Year 7 who are taking their exams this year. Now, in May, the school fees for the next three months are due. The children are happy because they know that Bosco was at the school and paid the school fees for them...



Meet my pets - Kaya, Holly and Herbie

written by @judethedude

I've had three pets in my life, two of which are cats and the other one is my dog. Let's start with my first pet, Kaya. He was my first ever cat and I had him since birth. He was my moms cat for many years before I was born, after I was born he was there for me to cuddle. A few years later we got another cat called Holly. She was a young cat but very naughty and energetic. She would sneak into our neighbours house and lay on their couch with them.



My Family, My Pride!

written by @nsijoro

This contest makes me feel emotional, not because I have a detached family, but tears of joy as a gratitude to God for the family he has placed me in. Nobody is perfect, families can at some point experience difficulty and crisis but it shouldn't extend to or depend on the outside world to give solutions or suggestions on what to do. I get the word now, there shouldn't be a third party in settling problems in our families, it's problems shouldn't escalate. I see cases where a husband quarrels with the wife and the wife's brother comes to beat the husband, I have also seen cases where stepbrothers or even biological siblings fight until it escalate to been taken to court.



The Steem News @ 15 May 2024 : Engagement Challenge Season 18 - closing today

written by @pennsif

Applications are closing today for Season 18 of the Engagement Challenge.
SteemFest Korea is being held in Seoul on 25 May 2024.
Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about SBDs on HTX, SteemPro Blogs, Steemit Grid View, Steem in the Web 3.0 Era, Steem Lighting Africa, AI Newcomers, Real Communities, and Contests on Steem...



👽 Alien Siamese Twin Sisters 👽

written by @oscurocactus

Hello beautiful people! I hope you're all doing great and if you're not, you will be soon! To participate in this week's contest, I decided to make a somewhat peculiar character, which was to make a Siamese alien sisters and to tell you the truth, I loved the character. I hope you like it as much as I do, I leave the drawing process below:


Hope you enjoyed today's content selections!

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