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Traffic to surging over the last week!

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last monthSteemit2 min read continues to see tremendous growth!

Over the last 3 months continues to see tremendous growth as it continues to climb the global website ranks.

However, this trend has really accelerated just in the last week.

Here's the chart of where we stood a week ago vs. today:



And now compare that with today...



As you can see has climbed almost 2k spots in just the last week alone.

Now that's some serious growth!

I wrote about this more last week as well... and STEEM are both growing very well currently

We all knew the price of STEEM was doing well, especially if you followed my blog.

I post about the price of STEEM almost daily.

But did you know the number of people visiting has been going up as well?

Check it out:


(Source: has jumped almost 4k spots over the last 3 months.

While that may or may not seem like a big deal, its well known competitor is not doing near so hot, just as a fyi.

You can check out the numbers on that one for yourself.

Also, as a bonus, here's the recent price of STEEM and SBD:



This is probably a major reason that is doing so well these days.

The coin price going from $.18 to $.90 helps bring people in!

The neat thing is that I don't think it's done at all. I think STEEM is going to $10 before this year is over.

There has never been a better time to be on STEEM and I think people are starting to realize that.

It was defi before defi and now you can earn TRX as well.

Nice to see following right along with the price of STEEM!


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