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I Made A Sonic 3 Spawn More Robotniks In Angel Island Glitch Tutorial

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This is a fun glitch to do!! In the end of the video I am using many Robotniks For Sonic Spinball Moves!!

When I was young way back in the 90's I would try to get the debug code going to try to mess up the game! It was a very difficult code to input and sometimes would spend some hours trying to achieve it. Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Up, while Sonic is jumping at the screen in the title screen. Through this I learned how to spawn many Robotniks in Angel Island. For some reason I have not seen many people do this trick...or actually anybody else by using debug mode on purpose in the boss area. So I decided to make a tutorial video!

You enter debug mode via a game genie code is the easiest way. Go to Angel Island Act 2. Travel just before the boss and after the bomber ship. There you spawn Super Sonic by using a debug monitor. Then you change into a Bloominator Badnik before going to Robotnik. You place many Bloominators on top of the battle platform, make them easy to reach so they can be destroyed later. After placing many Bloominators on screen then make circles around and around with debug until you are moving faster. Then another Robotnik will spawn. Later destroy the Bloominators to make the game go faster.

Here are the game genie codes used

Stage Select - AA6T-AAXC - Hold A and Press start to enter level select menu and choose Angel Island Act 2 and go to boss area

Dubug Mode - AE5A-AABL - If using an emulator reset after entering the code. Then hold A and Press Start to go to Debug Mode

I am looking forward to making my next Sonic post! The sonic related videos have been picking up a bit lately. That encouraged me to get back into it for awhile and have fun!!


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