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Papercraft : Gift box made by colored paper


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At first I salute all of my dear steemian friends who always like & support my posts . I hope you all are well by Almighty Allah & Alhamdulillah at the same time I am also fine. Today I present to you a beautiful gift box made of colored paper and I have made this papercraft in my spare time which I am presenting to you now.

  • Ruler.
  • Pencil.
  • Scissors.
  • Compass.
  • Paper gulu.
  • Blue colour paper.
  • Pink colour paper.
Steps to make giftbox

Step 1,

At the beginning of making papercraft of gift box, take all materials for making papercraft including two A4 size blue and pink paper.


Step 2,

Then cut the pink paper into a square shape with scissors.


Step 3,

Cut the paper with scissors in a total of six steps on both sides of the square pink paper leaving part of the center intact.


Step 4,

Now fold the broken pieces of pink paper over the paper and attach it with paper glue to make a square box.


Step 5,

Then take another blue paper and cut the paper square with scissors.


Step 6,

In the process of making a pink paper box, we fold the blue square paper into a box shape and attach the pink paper to the two sides of the blue box made with paper glue.


Step 7,

In this step, we make a part of the top of the box made by cutting a piece of pink paper with scissors.


Step 8,

Finally, place the lid of the blue paper box on the pink paper box and then attach the pink paper piece to the top of the blue paper with paper glue.


By following the above eight steps, I have created this wonderful gift box papercraft which I have presented to you in a simple way, step by step and through photography. I have created each step creatively with my own skills from the idea of ​​watching Youtube vedio and presented it to you by taking pictures of the making process and hope you will like it.

image (1) - 2023-08-25T221709.806.png


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