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Spotlight and Support the users on Steemit, Issue #25


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In the search of interesting Bloggers by @stef1


Hello dear Steemians,


You might notice that today is not Saturday because normally my highlight post is coming out on Saturday but we are going away for few days and likely I will not be able to have time to sit down and write posts.

That means you may see not posts of comments from me till we are back in the evening of Monday. I will still use random possibility of Wi-Fi and continue Upvoting users.

So today I have another three users please support them too is you find them interesting.

I am grateful for the Steemit Team for supporting this Initiative and for the chance to share the support for the users

I will be highlighting 3 users and will be setting the beneficiaries with 30% per user, so 90% of post goes to users:



Welcome a new Community @hive-183369




We all know that there are communities coming and going, we never know how well the community will do and if they will be able to survive. The most important for communities long life is the experienced, engaged core team, who are already on Steemit for long time and also who showed their active participation in different activities of Steemit life.

That is why when I heard about this community "Steem For Lifestyle" and I saw who are behind the community I was sure that this community should do well. It is created on 25/02/24 and Admin is @solaymann, the user who I did work together in the past. He was always very calm and attentive, he carries out his responsibilities precisely and it was never any issues that we had in our team. Therefore, when I heard about this new community I immediately decided to support it.


I am including the link to contest post hope you will see it and may take part in it.*






Amazing Collage creator @evagavilan




Some of you, especially in WOX Community might noticed that there is a collage contest is running by @silviadiez, who is creating collages for many years and knows many interesting facts what is important and what people should pay attention to.

There are few participants who creates wonderful works and interpret the topics in their own way, that is why it is interesting to learn how people having one topic brings many different versions and it is always great to see such variety.

@evagavilan is one of the active participants and also winners of previous contest that is why I decided to include her here and to share the rewards of this post, her creativity, accuracy of her work and idea deserves this.

This is her last participation to the contest.







Amazing Collage creator @esthersanchez




*Esther is another active participant of WOX Collage contests who is wonderfully interprets the subject and presents in visual message. Often we say one picture can mean then hundreds words. When we look at a picture, or image our brain starts analysing and without telling anything we have a little story in our mind.

The interesting thing about our mind that there is never two same stories to one image, everyone has his own and that is the best thing about us, human, although we are all human but we are different too.

Here I also would like to share the Collage post of Esther, who I also think deserves a highlight and I am happy to include in my spotlight post.




I am very happy to be able to share the reward of this post with these three users and it is a pleasure to present them here for you.

I would like to thank everyone and the Steemit Team for supporting the users


CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




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