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SEC17/W6|Do you believe history repeats itself?


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Hello my dear Steemians,


Today I wanted to invite you to this challenge by Incredible India Community:


Do you believe history repeats itself?


From history we know that everything has beginning and but also that often repeats itself. Especially we can see it in fashion, when it was time for mini rocks in 70's then it was time of maxi but shortly after in 90's it was again time for minis.

The same e can see in furniture how in the past people paid attention to timber and stone, then time changed it was popular to have plastic, metal and glass, that was more affordable but not really had long life. We are back to time when handmade stuff and natural materials more appreciated

If we look at human and our families we often think that our parents are too conservative and have in our family many rules like:

  • we had to help to clean house on weekends, it was annoying because we wanted to go out for play but our first half of the day we had to help at home

  • on weekends we had to help with peeling potatoes or cutting some vegs for cooking

  • we had to stay at home and prepare for exams every day for about 5 days before the test, that is something was hard because other children did not need to stay at home

  • we had to go to bed latest at 9 PM during weekdays and 10PM on weekends, of course we did not like that but had to comply

Many of those habits somehow became my, I can realise that they all had a sense.


Share any of your habits that make you smile


One of the habit of my mother makes my smile. While we played at home occasionally our shoes were landed upside down, when mother saw that she asked us immediately to turn it over otherwise something bad might happen and of course, we obey that, in order to avoid problems.

Since I am grown up I know that there is no real reason behind that and how the shoe on its back can cause the problem. Still when I see such shoe I have to turn it over and every time I do that I think about my mother. I tried not to make my child to do that and also I do not tell what my mother told, but I just say that they need to put tidy both together. That works too.


I would like to invite @davidad, @oscurocactus, @mandate for this challenge


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