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Münster Cheese shop "Henry Willig cheese" est. 1974


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Muenster Cheese shop "Henry Willig cheese" est. 1974



Hello my dear Steemians,


Today I wanted to share with you some delicacies, that we decided to taste after being today in our home city

First of all we decided to visit the city today because on Wednesday it is market day so usually there are fresh fruits and vegetables, different bread arts, meat, fishes and also cheese.

Of course, we have had a good walk first thing in the morning it is about 1,5 hours one way, that is normally our usual trip to the city centre, combination both fitness and fresh air.





One place that we wanted to visit was a Cheese shop, that was opened about 2,5 years ago and last time when we were there they still were not fully established and there were many decoration was going on.

This time the whole shop was great, it has a lot of presents for tourists and also one of the seller was a Dutch lady, so we walked around and tasted many different cheese and decided to buy one, that was not bitter and delicious, it was vacuum packed and the lady has a cheese paper that on one side looked like a newspaper that contained the information about the founder Henry Willig and it seems that this year is celebrates Jubilee of 50 years!









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