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The Diary Game [June, 12, 2024]: Armed Force Day


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Good evening friends it's with great pleasure that I write today's diary game, today is it is a significant day to the nation Nigeria because it is is the annual armed force day.


Outside the venue

Initially it used to be celebrated on the 29th of May but recently it was moved to June 12th of every year by the present government, and since then on every 12th of June military personnel and other armed force related organizations come together to celebrate an honor the Dead armed Force individuals or personals that have the country and died in service, this occasion is usually done in the front of the president of the Nation.

Just like other armed forces celebrations the president was present at the occasion and military personnels dressed in their ceremonial attires came out to perform match pass and other special skills they have in the presence of the president and all special and invited guest.


In the bus

As a serving youth corper, we were invited to honor the occasion with our presence, this is because all corper are addressed and rated as government properties so therefore they had right to participate every government related functions or occasions.

Today I woke up so early to dress and prepare for the occasion because I know that very soon security person else will storm the whole state block someone and the intensity of the security might be too high which might make it difficult to access or move around the state with ease

Desperate the fact that we were invited, we were still asked to stay in a line for proper security check on each and everyone of us, as you can see us In a line moving towards the trusted checkpoint before we get full access to the venue


Waking up early 6:00 in the morning I dressed and took my bath hoping that I will be faster in order to meet the location before our assigned time. As for me I prefer so fast, so that I won't be left behind or miss the bus that is assigned to take us to the occasion of the ceremony.

Reaching the location of take off, I met other corp members waiting for the bus to come and pick them up, so therefore I joined the other members after greeting because I know we have same goal and motive which is to enter the bus


After some time the bus finally came and we troopped in, the boss took us on a 20 minutes ride and finally dropped us at the gate of the occasion this is because the security personnel in the compound felt insecure about it.

Thank you for going through wishing you success in your dau activities, remember STARRCHIS cares ❤️.


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