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Steem engagement challenge-S10/W1| I do believe in God and Evil power exists.


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Hello dear friends how are you all? I hope everyone is well by the grace of God. I am also very well by the grace of Allah. Today I am here with a contest entry post.steemit engagement season 10 week 1 contests are awesome. The contest run by the Incredible India community is, Steem engagement challenge-S10/W1| I do believe in God and Evil power exists. I am ready to participate in this competition with pleasure. Let's get started then.


Do you believe God and evil power exists? Explain?

The main source of all power is Allah. All the powers of the world are guided by the power of Allah. I believe in my heart that God's power exists. The power that Allah has is greater than anything in the world. And this power cannot be measured or imagined. Allah can establish anything just by saying it. When Allah wants to create something, He just says, Be it and it is done immediately.

It is a very natural thing with Allah. Allah is One and Unique, He has no equal, He is not equal to anyone. Rather, everything is waiting for him. So all other powers are insignificant compared to the power of Allah. I do not agree to compare any power with the power of Allah. Because I know that there is no one above Allah, that is, Allah is the most powerful. And I have already said that all the power of God in the world is the power of God. That is, all the powerful things we see in the world are the gift of God That is, God has given power, so he is using it. However, abuse of power falls under disobedience.

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Now talking about evil forces, I think there are some evil forces also created by Allah. They are misusing the power they have, so they are disobedient. And for them my Creator has warned of a severe chastisement. It will be implemented on the specified day.I think evil forces exist in the world but it would be very scary for him. Because it is disobedient. It should be remembered that our galaxy or this small world of ours is all waiting for Allah. Everyone must return to Allah at some point. No matter how many evil forces there are in this world, they will all be destroyed. Only one will have power, who is Allah, the Creator of all things. He is great and eternal. That is, nothing can be compared with the power of Allah.

Have you ever felt any supernatural power? Describe.

By supernatural power I mean God's mercy. It exists in me. When I think where does water come from? Can anyone make it? Besides, many more questions may also run in your mind. But you will not get answers to all these questions. In a word, it is not derived from any power on earth. Everything comes from Allah. We get rain from the sky, who rains it? In one word, Allah rains this rain as a mercy for us. How do plants grow from seed to soil? We don't have the answers! Because all its activities are done by the order of Allah.

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We are alive in this world by the grace of Allah. Where does our food come from? Can we make a diet ourselves? No, no, we will never be able to create a diet. But think about the amount of food animals are taking in the world every day! All these are beyond imagination. If you think a little, you will understand that all this is the power of God. Neither I nor you can stop praising God's power.

Allah is the Mighty Creator in whom mercy exists. We all have to praise Allah to get his mercy. To compare anything with him is extremely foolish and would include disobedience. After so many proofs, no more proof is needed that Allah is showing mercy to us. So we should all return to Allah. It is important to keep in mind that everything in the world will pass away and only Allah will live forever.

Share your perspective about the power of God and Evil.

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Nothing compares to the power of God. But since I have been asked a question, I will say that no power survives the power of God. I believe in the power of Allah, no matter how many evil forces there are in the world, I believe that Allah will protect me from those evil forces. I want to give an example that if all the power of the world is a drop of water, then God's power is like all the water. It proves that comparing any power to God's power is utter folly.So I believe in the power of Allah, there is no evil power that can stand up to the power of Allah. Allah is One, Allah is Great, Allah is Great, Allah is Ever-Living, Allah is Merciful, Allah is Most Merciful, Allah is Sustainer, Allah is our Creator, that is, Allah is the Owner of everything.

It's a beautiful competition. I participated in this competition with pleasure. In this I was able to point out that any power of the world is defeated by the power of Allah. That is, Allah is above all powers. So I invite my dear friends to participate in this contest, @msharif @ripon0630 @kouba01 @enamul17 @mdkamran99 @radjasalman Hope you will enjoy participating in this competition.

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