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PRIZE DISTRIBUTION- For the second birthday of the community.


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On the occasion of the community's
second birthday

I am here to distribute the reward as I promised to all my family members of

The Incredible India community
We celebrated the community's birthday on Wednesday.

Today, I am here to distribute rewards to those who not only joined us to celebrate the community's birthday through Hangout but also performed.

I will only be going to share rewards;
who regularly attend and value hangouts and tutorial classes.

As I always follow a proverb -
"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

So today, I decided to reward those winners with a small amount of steem as a reward for their performance.

I feel fortunate and consecrated. Because all my moderators are so cooperative. Sharing the names, I would like to show my gratitude to all the moderators and co-admin;
Who bind their hands with me to assemble this comment contest triumphant.

Senior moderator and co-admin also sacrifice their booming support at various times;
so that users can get that support! They are an example of humanity.

Today, I want to say, guys!

I am proud of you all.

  • Now let me move on to the winners':-

Who not only consistently attended the hangouts but also performed their best.

Community's birthday celebration performers
1.@hasnahena(Hangout winner)2steem
2.@mdsahin111(Hangout winner)2 steem
3.@jahidul21(Hangout winner)2 steem
4.@isha.ish(Hangout winner)2 steem
5.@jakaria121(Hangout winner)2steem
6.@mukitsalafi(Hangout winner)2steem
7.@sabus(Hangout winner)2 steem
8.@rakibal(Hangout winner)2 steem
9.@baizid123(Hangout winner)2 steem
10.@shariarprottoy(Hangout winner)2 steem
11.@sayeedasultana (Hangout winner)2 steem
12.@tanay123 (Hangout winner)2 steem

Total Reward Passed

24 steem


For me, hangouts and tutorials are equally significant for all users as various talented users get the opportunity to present them in front of us.

Besides that, through this entertainment, they can increase bonding with each other.
Lastly, I would adore admiring all those users who may not perform in the Hangout but always attend to us in the voice.
Today, being a founder and the admin of the community

I @sduttaskitchen show my love to all my moderators and all the members of the Incredible India family.

I hope, in the future, many more users will come forward and share their talents with us.
Congratulations to all the winners.🏆

The prize was distributed among all winners


I hope next time, I will be capable of counting additional users to distribute the reward. Though the amount is not so high,
That is all I can afford!
I expect those who won will accept this small gratitude gladly.



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