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SEC-17/W6|Do you believe history repeats itself?


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Hi all stemian friends, I hope you are healthy and fine, on this occasion I want to take part in an interesting engagement challenge for us to discuss, namely "Do you believe history repeats itself?" allow me to invite my friends @ahsansharif, @rahmaa and also @pecintabunga20 to take part in this challenge. Good luck!.

Do you believe history repeats itself through genes? Confirm.


Yes. I believe that history repeats itself through genes, like I have the same facial shape as my mother, height like my father and my personality is almost similar to my mother's personality.

Eating habits, anger, sensitive feelings, style and many other behaviors were passed down to me by my mother. I believe in this term because I see and imitate every attitude of my parents. Genetics is inherited directly from our parents through similar forms, methods and actions, this is not intentionally imitated but is purely transferred through genes.

What habits were passed down to you from your parents, or did your children (if any) get the same from you?


As I mentioned above, I have several characteristics and similarities with my mother and some of my personality is the same as my mother. Now my child is also very similar to me, starting from his eyes, nose and also the shape of his hands.

My son also inherited a friendly and gentle nature like me, and he is also very shy like his father. Some similarities are passed down from parents to children.

And there are several traits that my mother inherited, such as having to be frugal and work hard and not be a burden on other people, these traits are still embedded in me which were passed down by my mother and I see these traits directly from my mother.

My late father had the characteristics of being responsible, firm and punctual, all of this was also passed down through my genes to me, until now I have the same characteristics as my father.

It's not just physical form and traits that are transferred, a person's health is sometimes also inherited from their parents, inherited from their ancestors. For example, my grandfather suffered from diabetes and this was passed on to my father until my father died.

Share any habit that makes you smile, be proud, believe the saying.

I feel proud of the habits and traits passed down by my parents, such as diligently saving money, not being a burden on others, being an individual who is responsible and firm in decisions, wise and of course disciplined.

I believe in the saying the fruit does not fall far from the tree this saying says that the habits and characteristics of children are not much different from their parents.

And sometimes I smile, my child also imitates the various habits that I do, I am proud and happy with the behavior of my child who has just turned 2 years old.

Do you believe history carries the legacy of our previous generations? Share your opinion.


I believe history will repeat itself and pass on the history carried by previous generations to future generations. A good inheritance will bring a million benefits and something valuable to the next generation, while a bad inheritance will bring suffering and misery to the next generation.

Hopefully we can create good history for generations with changes that are better and beneficial for all and hopefully we hope that bad or dark history will not happen again in order to create a prosperous and dignified life for generations.

Maybe good and bad history will repeat itself, but we must take these experiences or events as lessons in our lives.



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