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Nurse's Day: In honor of my Mother ♡


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Nurse Angels on Earth♡



Every May 12, International Nursing Day is celebrated in commemoration of the birth of Florence Nightingale, considered the mother of modern nursing.

Florence Nightingale (her parents named her in honor of her native city) was born in Florence, Italy, on May 12, 1820 and is considered one of the pioneers in the practice of nursing. She is considered the mother of modern nursing and the true creator of a philosophy in nursing. Nursing philosophy explains the meaning of observed phenomena through analysis, reasoning, and logical argumentation. Thus, in this category the first works that preceded or led to the construction of the theoretical models and the development of knowledge in this discipline have been included, defining the bases of future works.



During the Crimean War (1853 and 1856), in which the Russian Empire, England and the Ottoman Empire fought. During the conflict many soldiers were injured and died because there was no one to treat them. At that time, a nurse named Florence Nightingale volunteered to go to the battlefield, to tend to wounded soldiers and save many lives. He settled in Barrack Hospital, Scutari, and from there reformed the medical and nursing services.

Florence became well known for her extraordinary humanitarian work and commitment to her patients and for advancing public health measures around the world in the wake of her modern nursing techniques.

After the war in 1860, Florence created a nursing school, which achieved great fame and gave many nurses to the world. Two years after her death, in 1912, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) established May 12 (Florence's birthday) as International Nursing Day.

Florence Nightingale marked a milestone in nursing and inscribed for all generations of nurses the concept of caring for oneself, the environment and the patient, through all her work.

Taking into account her statements on the duties of nurses in 1893, a commission from the Farrand College of Harper Hospital in Detroit, wrote the Florence Nightingale Oath in recognition of her career, which has been adopted and adapted by most schools. of Nursing to take the oath of their graduates, it says like this:

The Florence Nightingale Pledge



The United States and Canada celebrate an entire National Nursing Week, May 6-12. Enacted by President Richard Nixon in 1974, National Nursing Week is a celebration of all that nurses do to help keep the citizens of the United States in a healthy state, this week being a well-deserved recognition of such arduous work.

For these days, the Florence Nightingale medals are awarded, in recognition of the most outstanding nurses in their profession. In addition, many health educational materials are prepared to demonstrate how valuable and humane this vocation of service is.

Mother and Nurse


My Mother has been a Nurse for 20 years and at the beginning when there was no Crisis in Venezuela, everything was going well, there were supplies, equipment, endowments and medicines, her salaries were well reciprocated, her social and labor guarantees were adjusted to her needs and the work of a nurse was recognized.

Now in this Economic Crisis that the country is going through, many are the confrontants who have abandoned their jobs, either to do another job or to go to another country. But now in these times of Quarantine due to Covid -19, many have been afraid and have left their jobs, but seeing how fellow nurses and doctors have lost their lives because of this pandemic.


But despite this, I wonder and ask my mother, what keeps them going, what motivates them to go to a Hospital, where there are no resources, where they are not given the value as professionals they deserve, where they are not they pay a good salary, where people are dying and the Government does not take measures, where they do not guarantee even decent transportation to go to work, where they do not even have security personnel to protect them at night, since robberies are constant inside from the Central Hospital at the hand of Delicuentes.

To all this that I ask myself, my mother only answered me: that she took an oath of honor to attend to the sick and to do it from the heart because that is her vocation, because that is how she wishes it, that this feeling is worth more than gold and the silver, that she does it because just as she is an unknown person, so could one of her relatives be, and that by sowing well we will reap well.


All this moved me and I only ask God to protect my mother and to protect all those nurses who carry the vocation in their hearts and attend to all those people when they need it most. Well, the situation in Venezuela is more delicate than it seems, the media have been repressed, anyone who makes a refueling or makes a comment is intimidated, beaten and threatened by state officials, even many people belonging to the health personnel who they have refused to go to work, they are forced to do so or sent to prison.

Just as Mrs. Florence Nightingale, put her heart and disposition to go to war and attend to the wounded, so does my mother, and all those who work in the Venezuelan public health. My mother works at the Hospital Centrel Luis Razetti in Barcelona, ​​and the conditions of that health center are denied to the press, only those who have been there know it; inputs are diverted or misplaced by management, forcing the nursing staff to work with nothing; many family members have to bring their alcohol or syringes and even their own cotton to be able to treat them or give them a treatment.

I believe that being a nurse is a vocation of heart that of profession, they are angels who take care of us and are there to take care of us and give us support in our ailments and illnesses, and unlike the doctors they are always there, they are the first we see in the hospital , clinic or outpatient, congratulations to them on their day ... Nurses and nurses God bless them, especially you mom.


With all the love to My mother. I love you


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