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Weekly Report As Steem Representative - [ 21 November - 27 November ]


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It is my weekly report as Steem Representative. In this post, I will report my activities for the last 7 days.

My Activity In this Week::

  • Checked community posts, arranged contests, and submitted booming reports.
  • I have curated community-eligible posts with the @steem4bangladesh community account.
  • I have given some suggestions and guidelines about post quality and new users of the community.
  • The whole week, I worked as a Greeter and guided them.
  • I have curated some Challenge posts and community posts with the @travelingsteem community account.

Greeter Report

This week I reviewed achievement-1 posts and checked other achievement tasks of users in the newcomers community.

Community Activity Update

I have announced the second season of the shopping game contest. In this contest, participants will share their shopping activities and their thoughts and feelings while shopping.

📢 Contest - The Shopping Game - Season 2

This is the first-week contest of Engagement challenge and the topic is If you win $10K: Where'd you plan to travel? I curated challenge posts and reviewed them with the community account.

SEC-S14W1 - If you win $10K: Where'd you plan to travel?

A few months ago I took the initiative to publish the Bangla Bulletin magazine to inspire community users and this is its 26th volume. This volume has been created with the publications of those who have created good content to inspire them.

The Bangla Bulletin - Steem For Bangladesh community magazine - VOL. 26

This is our community booming report. I created this week's booming report. Me and msharif brother nominated qualified posts from community users and this week I nominated 4 days. This is our Booming Report post for this week.

Steem For Bangladesh Weekly Report - Booming Support Week - #60 [November 20 to November 26, 2023]

Through this post, I try to present all the activities in detail of the last week in the Steem For Bangladesh community, the curation report of the community account @ steem4bangladesh, and all the ongoing activities included in the report.

Weekly Reports (November 20, 2023 to November 26, 2023) as an Admin & Community Curator of Steem For Bangladesh

My Power Up


This week I power up 122 Steem. From the beginning, I was more interested in power-up. So I power up regularly. Now my current steem power is 43,299.

Post Curation Report

Throughout this week, I have curated 199 posts. I have curated a total of 125 author's posts. I always try to curate the active posts of more users along with the Achievement Task, Native community Post, and Good Post from different communities so that they are more interested in posting.

Voting CSI18.1 ( 0.00 % self, 199 upvotes, 125 accounts, last 7d )

Weekly Totol Post In Different Community's


As a Steem Representative, I testify that I will try to fulfill my duties properly. I will try to solve any problem of all users. Thank you.


Thank You So Much For Reading My Blog

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