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Contest Winner Announcement: Adverse effects on the Environment and Health


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Happy greetings to friends who love the environment wherever you are.

Thank you very much to steemians friends who have supported the implementation of the adverse effect on the environment and health contest which was held by the Steem Environment Community Team some time ago.

As in the intent and purpose of the contest, we deliberately offer a simple theme of "Bad impact on the environment and health" by referring to an image as an example to make it easier for steemians to participate.

The contest has ended! while the steemian who has participated in our contest is only 1 person, namely @majanan . The Steem Environment Community Team as the assessor remains guided by the contest rules as set out, especially plagiarism issues, club status, the relevance of writing and contest themes, placement of the "#" tag and several other provisions.

The judging team has also decided to give an award to the single contestant @majanan , even though the writing in his participation post does not match the theme of the proposed contest.

The Steem Environment Community Team as the assessment team congratulates to:

@majananLinkPrize: 6 SP

We have transferred the gift to @majanan as a reward, a total of 6 Steem in the form of Steem Power as shown in the screenshot below.


Organizing the contest is our effort from the Steem Environment community team to invite steemians, especially friends who love the environment, to continue writing on the steemit platform by raising various important issues about the environment and health. Organizing a contest about the environment is also one of our efforts to continue to build the Steem Environment community to grow and develop. Hopefully our efforts will not be in vain by expecting full support from steemian friends.

We thank all the Community Teams and steemian friends who have supported the implementation of the contest organized by the Steem Environment Community Team.

Contest Organizer


Regards @ridwant
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