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Saving money with Crypto


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Crypto is quite a big ecosystem where we can have a lot of things but overall its connection with one or more than one coins plays an important role in the project economy. Some people invest in crypto for better returns in short term and some do for the long term. There can be different investment strategies but the ultimate goal is to achieve profit and build a bigger portfolio in long run.



Cryptocurrency is a digital form of money that we can keep on accumulating in the same way that we do with our bank account. Is it digital money or we can say it's more of a digital asset that we can convert to Fiat currency anytime or USDT which is an stable coin.
Here USDT is just an example but there are many that we can choose to convert our crypto into. I follow certain ways to invest in crypto I'm in my journey I've has been one of the coin that I am holding majorly. It is not just a fine that we can hold for the profit instead it's much more than that where we can earn curation reward as well as the price appreciation will be a kind of additional bonus.

Keeping the portfolio diversified is very important and every experience investor always try to do this because this way and risk can be minimized. Dollar cost everything is the best way to invest in crypto because this may also we can make a lower average buying price. Is it an automatic process which by the coins that we want on a frequency set up by us. I find it easy and the best way because I just need to fund my wallet and that's all required from my side. Rest of the actions are taken by the platform itself which by the points as per my choice and this way I can buy at high or low price which helps out to make the average price lower.

This is also a type of discipline investment where we put least efforts because the process is automated. I believe anything where technology is playing the major part then it's good because it requires us to spend less time. Time is money and if we can utilize the remaining time on something else then it is always a good idea.

One thing I would like to mention that in crypto market it is necessary for us to stay updated with news and also to keep ourselves flexible with the change. If something better comes up then I will be happy to learn and adopt it rather than keeping myself stick to something that I have been doing long. Giving a shot to something new is important and this way we can learn a better way that can make our consider me easier and more profitable.

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