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The proposal for the Nutbox Official Website development


2 years ago

背景 / Background


After nearly a year of development and iteration, the Nutbox Project has accumulated more and more partners from various countries and formed a strong community consensus. But there is no unified domain name entry and summary project introduction to show to our new friends.

摘要 / Abstract

  • 统一的域名入口标识 / Unified domain name entry identification
  • 简单抽象的项目介绍 / Simple and abstract project introduction
  • 各业务子网站的链接入口 / Link entry of each business sub-site

对社区的益处 / Benefit for our community


A unified and standardized project entry enhances the cohesion of the community and can lay the foundation for the Nutbox project itself to form a better reputation in the blockchain field.

资金使用计划及项目节点 / Funding plan and project plan

前端界面的编写, 时间1周, 10W PNUT
To write the front end webpage, 1 week, reward 100,000 PNUT

团队 / Working team

var developer = {
  nickName  : "曲阳",
  owner : "nutbox-dev"
  location : "Chengdu, China"


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