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WOX Blogosphere Magazine #159


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Welcome to the fascinating world of interesting reading. In this journal, I try to select posts published in the last few days that you might be interested in reading. Remember, every author wants to be noticed, so if you have time, visit a post you liked and leave your upvote or comment. It will be the best reward and encouragement.

Now let's see what we have this time.

Skardu (Part IV): When the cherries were within arm's length in Shigar

Today's post is solely dedicated to Shigar Valley, particularly Shigar Fort. It wouldn't be fair to include other visiting places from my Skardu archives in today's blog. This place deserves every ounce of praise and attention and some 6000 words. Please bear with me. I assure you that it's worth your time :)

In Order to GROW a Community, You Must Have a Reason for People to Want to JOIN it!

People talk a lot about what it takes to Build A Community — and this runs the range from a local community of garden enthusiasts to a social content community on the web — and often the very BASIC BONES are overlooked in a storm of suggestions about promotions, marketing and clever features.

Sunday Musings

Starting this Sunday, I have decided to share weekly reflections. The aim is to be more thoughtful and to simply reflect on the week's events. You may or may not find it interesting but I will try to make it as useful or as reflective for you too, as I can.

La razón de mi ausencia...

To tell you briefly, my beautiful and beloved mother was called to heaven three weeks ago, this has been something extremely difficult for me, anyone who knows me and has read my diaries since my beginnings on the platform can have an idea of how much my mom in my life.

What an email ad could do

Traveling to lake Kerkini is a true blessing for all those who love birdwatching as this natural reserve is a temporary home to many amazing migratory birds and to many birds that live there permanently.

Memory Lane

Of all the houses I have lived in, this house is the dearest to me, even though the vestibule, corridors, kitchen and toilet were extremely cold. Heating was only done in the living rooms, which could be separated from each other by 4 meter high sliding doors decorated with glass and lead.

An open letter to my mother on mother's day...

You know I avoid physical touches when it comes to showing affection. You know when the rest of my brothers run to hug you on birthdays or on happy occasions, I stay at end of the line standing in an awkward position. You know that I don't randomly show gestures of love where on the other hand my elder brother brings you gifts every now and then. I just can't do it.

Freedom for Individuality

I suppose you could say that I come from an era, time and generation where individuality was not quite as easily embraced as it is in today's world. From generation to generation we have almost just blindly followed the “protocol” and norm because that is what our parents did and their parents did and so the loop keeps on going and a lot of the time it is not even questioned.

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