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Nutbox Curation Program, for a better Steem future.


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Our mission and motto, is to curate, reward author, and bring profit to our SP delegator.

As a content creation platform, without author and content consumer, the community will be meaningless and it's token will not have value. As such, NUTBOX is here to improve the activities in STEEM, to create revenue for our delegators, and to reward fellow Steemians.

Nutbox.mine will be divided it's SP into two different pool. One of them for user, and the other for content. To each of it's own, PNUT holder can use their stake to decide which portion of the reward they value should they received an upvote.

nutbox.mine will be using 50% of it's voting power for delegator's post, 40% of its voting power to follow curators. 10% of which are destinated to vote for our community reports and official announcements. Delegators who are contributing more than 100SP are encourage to enroll into our curation program. nutbox.mine will be following our curator's voting weight, and the criteria as follow:

  • 3 votes or more from PNUt/TRX pool tokens (known as LP tokens) holder (up to 40% voting weight)
    • According to SP delegator's contribution (up to 30% voting weight)
    • Nutbox.DAO board of committee decision (up to 30% voting weight)

    nutbox.mine_curator bot will be following votes based on proportionate of SP delegation, DAO committee decision to manually assess on voting weight. nutbox.mine will upvote based on our curator's voting pattern 12 hours later.

    This is a long shot, we're looking forward to work with our community developers and our delegators and partners. Currently, we are in our beta status with version 0.1, curation criteria are divided as below:

  • Curator's current holding power of LP tokens (up to 60% voting weight)
    • Nutbox.DAO committee decision (up to 60% voting weight)

    nutbox.mine_curator bot will be adjusting it's curation criteria once a week, and @nutbox.dao will be issueing a curation report on a weekly basis.

    You will be receiving LP tokens when you started trading PNUT/TRX on Justswap, refer graphs below.pnut lp token.png

    We will be looking foward to work with you in NUTBOX, for a better Steem future.

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  • 持有 PNUT / TRX Pool Tokens(简称LP Tokens) 对策展人的投票,每人3票;「40%权重」
    • 策展人代理SP的数量;「30%权重」
    • Nutbox.DAO委员会的综合评分;「30%权重」

    nutbox.mine_curator机器人根据投票、代理SP、DAO委员会评估情况,动态调整策展人的策展权重。nutbox.mine在策展人对帖子点赞 12小时后,根据算法,对策展人点赞的帖子进行点赞。

    这套系统的开发是一个长期的过程,我们期待社区中有开发能力的伙伴与我们联系,共同开发Nutbox策展系统。在策展系统未完全开发之前,我们上线Ver 0.1版,影响权重大小的因素暂由以下两部分决定:

  • 策展人持有 LP Tokens 的数量;「60%权重」
    • Nutbox.DAO委员会的综合评分;「40%权重」



    一旦您为Justswap上 PNUT / TRX提供流动性,您就可以获得 LP Tokens,详细见下图。pnut lp tokens.png



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