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A mandala design


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Hello friends🖐️🖐️

Good evening everyone!! How are you my all friends ?? Hope you are all very well. I am also good with your prayers. Today is a cloudy day but the heat is very good. On the one hand, life is becoming boring due to load shedding. However, we always have to overcome obstacles. Appeared about today.

I came to share a Mandela with you guys today. I always share different art with you I attended today. Mandala art is very fun to do even though it is time consuming. But it looks great after making it with time and patience .I do these designs only when I have free time and feel bored.So friends let's have a look at today's mandala design. I have described below step by step it will be easy for you to understand.

Mandala art final look



Required Materials
  • paper
  • Marker pen
  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • scale
1st step:
  • First I drew the marks as shown in the picture below with a marker with a scale.
2nd step:
  • Then I made small designs with the pen below.
3rd step:
  • Now I made the chart and blacked some of the chart with marker pen.


4th step
  • Now I made some more designs myself with markers. I carefully designed slowly with a marker pen.
5th step

Now I drew three flowers towards the upper part and rounded them to make some close ones .

6th step
  • Now I made some more designs in the lower part of the design and made a triangle shaped flower in the upper part.
Final step
  • Finally I designed the last part and gave my signature.
Hope everyone likes this art . Be sure to comment how you like it. If you make a mistake, you will be sorry.
My best wishes to all.
I left here today, Allah Hafez


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