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The view of Kathmandu City


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Kathmandu city is the capital of Nepal country. Nepal is a landlock country, which means it is surrounded by Mountains from all the side. Kathmandu also is set in a valley which is surrounded by mountains from all the side. The lifestyle i Nepal is at 2 extremes, there are somethings which are very reasonable and some which are super expensive. The guide gave me few of the details about this country. He mentioned that buying a vehicle in Nepal is 3 times more expensive then buying it in other places. The taxes and duties are very high for the vehicle, the reason being that since it's a landlocked country getting it in the country is always a challenge, so the taxes are high. I am not sure how much of it is true.

The overall population of Nepal is around 3.10 Cr, which is like almost the population of Mumbai city. And from this population around half of them work outside the country, due to lack of good opportunities. So even if Kathmandu looks congested from infrastructure standpoint, in real it is not that much. But yes whenever I travelled on the roads I faced lot of traffic congestion. There is no rail / metro system in the city. It is either bus or car, and this reminds me of Muscat where it is the same way. The only difference being that in Muscat buying a car is cheaper. The other common thing between Muscat and Kathmandu is that there are no tall rises here as well. The reason here is the Earthquakes that happen frequently because of which their buildings are not more then 10 floors and the buildings are attached to each other.

I just had 1 day to spend in the city, so I visited the most prominent sights of the city and they were interesting places. Almost in every second land of Kathmandu you will find a Temple. The city is full of Temple and even for sightseeing the major places to visit are the Temples.

Here is an aerial view of Kathmandu city

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