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Early Investing


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Hello friends,

I am doing good, and I hope that you are having a good time with your near and dear ones.

Investing is for all and it does not matter what you do but you should make it part of your life. We should not rush towards the investment because this should be done only if we are left with money and for that there is no need to be harsh. There is always a scope for saving some money if we do proper planning and budgeting on the expense and income. Savings should be used for the investment because whatever is necessary for the expense cannot be used for the investment. I do agree that early investing is a better idea and helps us to build bigger wealth.

People try to invest money on different instruments for wealth creation but it is a very long-term process that must be followed with discipline. Investing is good and it is one of the methods that can help us to make wealth but discipline is also important. Investing without discipline is not much more effective and I believe in this method. Early investing is helpful because people who started investing in their 20s get better returns by the time they turn fifty. It is because they get bigger horizons and the compound can make that money a bigger amount.


Compound interest is magic but we need to understand how it works. Even a 10% fixed return on the compound interest can generate a great amount of returns and in the long term, it can be even more valuable. Do you think it is worth investing at an early age and continuing till the time we are earning person? Plan a better future by investing in different products and of course this way better wealth creation can be done. I invest in some of the products including mutual funds and some insurance products. Most of these are for 20 years and above because this is what I believe we can call the long-term.

Sadly our schools do not teach us about investing methods but I believe they should be part of the syllabus so that we learn this important part during our school and college life. I have some people who started investing at an early age when they started their careers and now they have got a good amount of wealth. It's not that they have ended it already but they have been doing it for a long and they will continue to do it for another 1015 years since they are in their 40s.

I have started my investing journey late but it's fine because at least I am on the track when I am trying to build a better wealth for my future as well as some plans for my kids. I earn and invest every month and it is part of my life because we cannot make money without investing. Earning money is a necessity but investing is equally important because whatever we spend is gone from our pocket and will never come back.

Thank you
Peace @mukund123


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