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The Diary Game | Thursday - 13- Jun - 2024 : Enjoyed a very happy moment eating palm fruit and went to market


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My Diary
13- Jun - 2024

Hello Everyone. I am @mostofajaman from Bangladesh .

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Dear readers, welcome to my diary game. Today I have a very nice day and I am going to share all the information with you. I hope you will like it. Today I ate palm leaves from the palm tree in the village with my friends and went to the market for Eid shopping. Let me tell you the details below.

After breakfast in the morning, I came to the store fresh. Today the arrival of friends at the store was more. Suddenly we wanted to eat palm fruit so we prepared to go there where there are palm trees in the village field and reached there on motorcycle with a big stick. We tied a sharp knife to the head of the stick and cut the branches of the palm tree and sat on the roadside and ate the palm fruits. Almost we ate ten dates each with Shahriar Sohag Bhai Ripon Mamu Sagar was present. We got 70 dates from the tree. Although the tree did not belong to any of us but we ate without being told. To tell the truth, we stole the dates and had a lot of fun eating them today.


We came home at noon. After coming home I took bath and had lunch then went to sleep. After waking up in the evening, I took out my motorcycle and called Shahriar and went to the market to buy her groceries and do my Eid shopping. I didn't buy anything for Eid shopping, I only bought two t-shirts from this shop. The joy of Eid is really different but till now I have not got the fragrance of the joy of Eid yet. It's like every Eid has become different for me, I don't get the same joy that I used to get when I was a child.



We finished shopping at 9 pm then we went to a restaurant and had a light breakfast and from there we left for home. Suddenly I felt the need to buy a bluetooth for this wife, so I went back to the store and bought a bluetooth device that you can see in the picture. After that, I reached home directly and left Shahriar's house. I came home and freshened up and had dinner. I really enjoyed today with great pleasure. I hope you like my day. May God bless you all.

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Thank you all for reading my diary post. Stay well, everyone. Hope you like my diary post.

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