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Delicious Food And Drinks At The Party House


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Hello steemians lovers.

Today I will tell you about my activities today. Today I received an invitation to a wedding party from my friend, and I had to go there because I had received an invitation from my friend. My husband also got an invitation to the party. And at 10 am I was ready to dress up neatly in elegant clothes to go to the party. My husband wears a formal shirt with a batik motif. As usual, every time there is a party in my country, Indonesia, we definitely provide various kinds of delicious food, such as the following cakes prepared for the groom's bridal guests.
Friends, try to pay attention, in that tray, there are lots of cakes. There is a sponge cake topped with Ceres chocolate which has been cut into small pieces so that it is easy for guests to eat. There is also flour, gelatin and so on. Of course these various dishes taste very delicious. Then there are also a variety of drinks, one of which is a cold red syrup drink with lychee flavor.
This cold syrup drink is really suitable to drink during hot weather like now. But don't drink too much, because when it's hot like now, drinking too much cold water is also not good for your health. We will easily catch flu, headaches and sneezing. So just drink 1 glass. After finishing eating the cake and drinking a glass of cold red syrup, I went to meet the owner of the house to give him the gift I had brought him. Then I said goodbye to go home because it was already afternoon. That's my story today about going to a friend's wedding, I hope my friends enjoy reading it. See you again in my next story.

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