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Story of a seed trader and ideas to make money in seed business.


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Hello everyone!!
How are you all? Hope everyone is well.Alhamdulillah I am fine as well.Today I will discuss a small seed seller. Hope from today's discussion you can easily understand small business profit share."

I saw this seed seller selling seeds in front of college in Phulbari town. He is selling many seeds. He sells about 17 varieties of seeds in his shop. Such as: sweet pumpkin, pepper, shrimp, potal, cucumber, barbati and many more. The attraction offered by this shop was sweet pumpkin seeds. He was marketing the seeds very well which I liked very much.He has arranged the seeds very nicely in his shop and kept a few pepper plants in tubs.

His shop has many people stopping their cars to look at the sweet pumpkins. This shop owner is selling seeds in a van for very little money and with this money his family runs well. I marveled at this store of sweet pumpkins and stood there asking many questions about the seeds.The weight of this sweet pumpkin kept in the shop is 30 kg which was the center of attraction of people. I also stopped at the Edge store for this reason. I said to him that the seeds you are selling will give this amount of sweet pumpkin? He told me yes.

Copsecap seeds are being sold at his shop for a good price. Many people come and buy seeds from his shop and take them home. He basically bought these seeds from different band companies of Bangladesh and some local companies and he packed many seeds at home. I think such a seed seller can easily support his family by selling seeds.

He has collected many seeds at the same time so he can sell them at a low price.Many people can do this business with little money by following his business strategy. I think you can earn money doing this too. The demand for these seeds is high in villages.I have some advice for those of you looking to start a seed business. They can easily do the seed business by following these rules, inshallah.First you will need an auto vehicle in which to sell your seeds. It seems a little unsmart to sell seeds in a van. I think if you arrange this vehicle you can sell seeds well and travel far.

300-400 steem equivalents will be required to pay such a seed mobile shop. This shop owner started the shop with 300 steem and currently his daily income is 50 steem. One can earn good money by running a seed shop without living a life of unemployment.So I want to tell you that those who are interested in doing business can do seed business. You don't need a place in the city to do this business. You can go to your village and sell seeds. Hope my seed selling ideas will be useful for you.

Device:-Redme note 10 pro
Location:-FXX3+WVJ Phulbari

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