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SEC-S10W1: "What one thing would you want to delete from the Earth?


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We are faced with life choices. These choices have shaped the pattern of our lives. This pattern of life will cause various positive and negative things for ourselves and greatly affect the ecosystem of our lives as humans. The smallest thing like a virus can become a big problem if we find it in a nasty virus. We know that all the components that exist on this earth are important, but we also know that it will be very dangerous because it is also human activity itself.

If you had the power to permanently delete one thing from the Earth, what would it be and why?

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The power to remove the evil virus😈 from the face of the earth. Actually, this virus is a smallest infectious agent that has only one nucleic acid. For the earth and our lives, viruses are important components. However, speaking of evil viruses, they will be very vicious, one of them can kill hundreds of human lives and other living things.

They not only destroyed us, but also a lot of hope, love, and happiness they killed. We have seen one of the most virulent evil viruses a few years ago, namely the COVID-19 virus. This virus has had a major impact on life. Even the case is recorded in history. We have never known lockdowns, termination of education, termination of community institutions, and this also has an impact on politics
even prohibited Muslims from performing the pilgrimage.


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It's sad because the virus actually lives among us but we can't see it. We see how a person, even while walking, is suddenly taken away by death, a newborn toddler cannot get love from his mother, husband and wife cannot meet and what's worse is the laughter and crowds that we used to see, turn into an empty place. silent, out of fear of this little virus.

How will its absence have a positive impact on society, nature, and mankind? explain.

Now, if this deadly virus is eradicated from the face of this earth, and only the good viruses are left behind which become an important component for human evolution as well, then life on this earth will be very beautiful, not just for half a day as experts who research viruses say, but for all time. . There is no sudden death by a virus, no lockdown, no termination of education, in fact, everyone can live healthily.


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In addition, Viruses can help maintain the balance of microbial populations, by infecting and killing bacteria and other microorganisms that can become too numerous and disrupt ecosystems. Viruses can also affect the evolution of living things. You can see for yourself how if all things were good on earth, then earth would become heaven on earth.

What can we substitute for it that has the power to resist all subsequent devastation?

Eliminating this evil virus from the face of the earth is not easy. This is greatly influenced by a healthy lifestyle. We are given the choice to decide how we will live. We can prevent this evil virus by starting from ourselves by also doing good to nature. Because the viral components actually coexist with us. We can start by disposing of trash in its place and separating it by type.

We can also regularly consume healthy food. A clean environment, awareness of the importance of a harmonious life, and positive thinking. Forming immunity will be our main transformation to avoid bad things that will happen to us, especially viruses that are only the smallest infectious agents, but never underestimate small things because they will grow big and even kill us.

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