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Week 5 Steem Growth Community Curators for JUNE 2022


3 months agoSteemit7 min read

We have come to the end of June and the end of The7up being community curators using SC07, Congratulations to all teams selected for July.

The7up have had another busy week looking and curating the best posts we could find.

Please find attached our Curation Report Week #05 by The7up Steem Growth Community Curators for June 2022


24 June to 30 June

Our last curation report for the month of June!
176 posts have been voted on this week with an average SC07 vote of 40.34%, more could have been voted on if some users had a CSI in line with what we have asked for.

A short feedback on the three tags curated by The7Up’s;

#steemgrowthWe want to stress the fact that Steemains must use this tag for personal growth and promoting growth in Steemit for example any marketing, promotion or anything related to powerups and the likes. This tag received 22% of our weeks voting power.
#contestThe Contest tag remains popular and accounted for 47% of the posts SC07 voted on this week.
#burnsteem2531% (up 4% from last week) voting power was used to support this tag which is mainly used in support to content related to the other two tags.

Another great week for THE 7up curators, thanks team!

The challenges.png

  1. The rule set for the Voting CSI

  2. The user must have above 5% of Voting CSI and not be above 5% self-votes.

    We still found some great posts but decided not vote due their Voting CSI being less than 5%, some people had a CSI of 0😢
    We want to increase the SC07 CSI by voting on as many eligible authors as we can.


    The average User Voting CSI for the week was 14.30% which is up from last week's 11.50%.
    Lets get out there and get voting Steemit users!

  3. Curating and rewarding good comments

  4. The7Up will be curating and rewarding good comments. By supporting good comments we hope to create better interaction on posts by encouraging Steemians not only to comment on qualified posts but to also to comment well.
    This week we voted 29 individual comments, which is the same as last week.

    We encourage Steemians to keep on interacting with each other and also to increase the word count on replies.



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