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Day 11 Melbourne Australia


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Today was my last day of work at the Melbourne Distribution centre which went well, tonight for dinner my boss who also lives here took me out to dinner to a place called Squires Loft which is in South Yarra.

Dinner was booked for 6pm and i left my accommodation at around 4.40pm as i knew there would be the 5 o'clock traffic rush, i found a parking building and was outside the restaurant by 5.40pm.

My boss arrived a few minutes later and we were seated and grabbed a drink while we checked the menu out.



My boss comes to this restaurant regularly and said the steaks are first class and he was not wrong!

Here are the Ribs i had as a starter which were FANTASIC and just fell off the bone, i could have quite happily eaten more but our mains were being cooked.


This was my main meal which was Scotch fillet (med) with Mushroom sauce and chips, if you are ever in Melbourne go to this place as you will not be disappointed.

I will even give you a money back guarantee.

I am now back at my accommodation and have packed my bag and will get some sleep before my flight home tomorrow morning, its been a great trip and i can't wait to visit Melbourne again for work - lucky boy i am!

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