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Christchurch Wrap up/ $325 day 🏀


19 days agoSteemit2 min read

My short time in Christchurch is over and it looks like i do not have to go back as my co worker who starts there today will finish gathering the data.

It looks like i have a week or maybe a little longer before my next work trip which could either be Sydney or Brisbane, either way i am looking forward to being at home for that period.

Yesterday morning i got up at 6am had a coffee and took off to Christchurch Airport firstly to drop the rental car back , then it was inside out of the rain for another coffee.



It was a rainy day in Christchurch but when i finally got home i saw a little blue sky, once home had a catch up with my partner before she left and drove 4 hours north to her aunties funeral which is today.

I will be dropping the kids off at school today and pampering Smudge, i may even do some Video work for a few hours for work which needs to be done.



$10 ➡️🎯 $325

There were 2 x games of NZ Basketball on yesterday with the first game at 3pm and the next at 6.30pm, i was going to put a bet on then decided not too.

Then i changed my mind at 2.55pm and put this 2 leg multi on, i had a hunch this could happen and it did, so i turned $10 into $325 which i am quite happy about
Today i withdraw $300 from my betting account and put that into my bank account, the other $30 i will leave on my account for my next few bets.

So that has been the last couple of days and now i can just enjoy being at home with the Family and Kat.

Thanks for reading my post

all pics are mine
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