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DIGITAL DOLLAR EXPOSED! - Globalists Plot COLLAPSE As Great Reset TAKEOVER Continues!


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Josh Sigurdson reports on the collapse of the global economy as central bank digital currencies come in as a so-called "solution."
The new CBDCs are meant to enslave people to the banking system and government with social credit, carbon credits and food rations. This dependence on a cashless system will also lead to vast censorship which we are already seeing from PayPal and the push for even worse censorship according to the White House's own paper on the subject.
As we see panic and chaos in the face of an energy crisis, supply chain crisis and inflationary crisis, we will see civil war, martial law, rations and a control mechanism the likes of which we've never seen before, via a global technocratic grid. Likely attached to BRICS as a cashless basket of currency to replace the US dollar system.

In this video, we break down this most recent attack on our freedoms.

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