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Investing: a combination of speculation, fundamental analysis and cryptocurrency knowledge


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Hello friends of Steem Alliance, I hope you are all doing well. Today I want to share information regarding an interesting Artificial Intelligence project, with its blockchain and its native Token trading very well in the crypto market.

There is a similarity in what publicly traded stocks are and some cryptographic projects that could be considered serious projects.



If we analyze what has happened this year with the shares of Artificial Intelligence companies, for example Nvidia, which has risen from $11 in November of last year to $500 in November of this year, and the profits of the company, which recently gave its quarterly profit report, demonstrating the great profit margin it had in 2023 of more than 300%.

Now, if we look at this crypto project called Bittensor, which is related to Artificial Intelligence, it has also had a great increase in the price of the cryptocurrency TAO.

And the price increase has been very big for a couple of days, but if we look at it from the beginning of the project, that the TAO Cryptocurrency was worth 0.12 and now it is worth $255, we will realize that it is very closely related to the traditional market behavior.


In the case of Nvidia as a company, it focuses on the manufacturing of data processing units, which are of vital importance in artificial intelligence and many other things. In the case of Bittensor, as expressed on their website:

"Bittensor is a mining network, similar to Bitcoin, that offers censorship-resistant access to a decentralized network of machine learning models." Source

What I understand about this project is that it allows you to mine the currency, and additionally use it to interact in this project, which by the way is open source, and create decentralized AI project applications based on its blockchain.



In my case I must say that I am not a programmer, and I know nothing about it, but that does not mean that you cannot have benefits from a project like this, knowing the bases, and also knowing that it has a movement similar to that of certain actions. of companies that work or produce in specific areas.


I know well that this is not something easy to do, it requires preparation, in particular it is an area that I like when it comes to investments. I like to speculate in the markets, both cryptographic and American indices, however, I know that having knowledge of how to analyze cryptographic projects or companies can give us more peace of mind when investing.

In any investment it is important to be able to know the basis of the project in which we put our money. I know that it is also perfectly valid to invest or speculate based only on technical analysis, however, complementing any business decision with fundamental analysis will always be much better.

I hope this post has added some value to your view of the markets. Any questions or suggestions can be left in the comments.

Note: Remember that if you want to invest you must do your research. To do this, and if you want to know more about the project, I leave you the link to the official page below:
Bittensor, as well as the whitepaper.

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