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The first private space station with high-speed internet.

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The first private space station with high-speed internet.


California-based space company Vast has a strong relationship with SpaceX, the company claims that its Heaven-1 will be the first operational private space station, this is due to an agreement with SpaceX to launch Heaven-1 aboard a rocket Falcon 9 in 2025.

Now in a new update Vast announced that Heaven-1 will also be the first commercial space station equipped with a Starlink laser terminal, this will provide crew members with high-speed internet as they fly around our planet at thousands of kilometers per hour.

The new deal reinforces Vast's existing relationship with SpaceX, including several former employees of Elon Musk's space company now working on Vast's team.

The Starlink laser terminal connected to Heaven-1 will provide gigabit per second speeds as well as low latency connectivity for its crew, external cameras, scientific instruments will also benefit from Starlink internet, for comparison the ISS international space station currently has internet of broadband with a speed of approximately 600 megabit per second, which means that Heaven-1 will be born with Superior technology.

During the StarShip's final flight test, a Starlink terminal transmitted impressive images of the starship flying through suborbital space, the connection remaining stable even when the StarShip was engulfed by a ball of plasma upon re-entering the Earth's atmosphere.

According to Vast's press release, Heaven-1 crew members will be able to connect their personal devices to Starlink through Wii, this will give them access to high-speed internet at all times, allowing them to stream videos from space and connect with other people inside. of the future space station.


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